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Christmas Brownies

Servings: 8 brownies



  1. Prepare and bake your brownies as directed on the box mix you're using then bake in a 6" - 8" circle pan. Bake for 18-25 minutes or until the center is set and does not jiggle when you move the pan.

  2. Let the brownies cool completely, then remove from the pan and onto a cutting board or work surface. Slice the circle in half then in half again so you have 4 equal triangles. Slice each of these quarters in half one more time until you have 8 equal slices.

  3. Click here for my vanilla buttercream recipe. Dye the buttercream, red, green, white, brown, or whatever other colors you'd like to use!

  4. Using the picture above as a reference, decorate each triangle as you wish! I made Christmas trees, snowmen, and reindeer!

  5. To help you decorate, place the buttercream in piping bags or ziplock bags then use an offset spatula or butterknife to help smooth out the buttercream as you go.

  6. Enjoy!


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